Full Service Complete Visual Guide + Changelog v 1.35

Full Service Complete Visual Guide

As announced on twitter, we've released a visual guide book as made by our editor, Cort!

Featuring the following--

• Profiles for every character, complete with commentary by the staff
• A guide to Morningwood, including shops, items, affinity, and dating
• Detailed illustrated walkthroughs for every route, story scene, and heart event
• End-of-story flowchart to help you get all 20 endings
• Information about the special route that opens on your second playthrough
• Guide to Steam achievements
• Everything has been checked against the game code line-by-line to ensure accuracy!

PLUS a 52-Page BONUS SECTION including:

• Detailed discussions of every member of the main cast, including character analyses, story breakdowns, and a behind-the-scenes look at how they evolved during development!
• Galleries of scene mockups and Backgrounds!
• Never-before-seen concept art!
• You asked for it; here it is: A special post-ending story for Tomoki and the twins in the form of an exclusive, smoking-hot 7200-word short story penned by by Cort Channon, with a bonus illustration by Mazjojo!

You can purchase them in these links!


Changelog 1.35

Along with this, we updated the game to fix a few things we encountered!

• Changed a few Affection Point rewards along the game to reflect those of the Full Service Complete Visual Guide.
• Fixed the HUD Heart icon appearing in situations where it shouldn't, such as during the new day transitions and the character endings.
• Fixed an inconsistency between sprites and CG in the Kovit beach scene.
• Fixed glitched animations in Sota's 4th Heart Event and Lenga's 2nd Heart Event, among others.
• Tweaked the Perfect Ends slightly so that all the Good Ending CGs should appear on them now.
• Tweaked various transitions along the game so they fit their scenes better now.
• Various minor bugfixes.

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