Updating Your Game (Using Itch.io App or Website)

People have been asking us how to update the game, so here is a tutorial. 

FIRST, have an account on itch.io 

It's important to link your game to your account, so that you'll be updated to our blog posts and anything new we'll be posting.

If you bought the game before, without creating an account then you can still claim your game through the following steps: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought 

Once you've linked your account, go do the following steps:

Using the Itch.io App To Update

Itch.io has an app you can use that automatically keep your game updated. You may download it here: https://itch.io/app

1. Go to Library, select Full Service Game

2. Install the Game if you haven't!

To check for updates, Just simply click the Gear icon on the lower left, and you'll see the Manage buttons for the files you have!

Then click "Check for Update"!

Using the Website To Update

The website doesn't update your game automatically, but think of it as an alternative way to get the files you need.

If you prefer this method, follow the next steps:

1. Go To "My Library"

2. Find Full Service, and click Download.

3. Download the zip files you need.

You do NOT need to buy the game again to download updates.

Get Full Service (NSFW Visual Novel)

Buy Now$39.99 USD or more


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How to Update using keycode from physical copy?


on version 1.14 scene after story ending rald got error please fix that 


plus, i'd tried to load a save i made when i was on the last event of Oki and when it end's, the game can't continuo because the scrips, and i'd tried to open other load but at ralds perfect ending and i can't acces to it for the scrip problem too. i'm really confused now for it and i'm trying to figure out how fix it :c

Can i play the games thru my phone? My samsung note 9 cant seem to open it...how do i play the game?

I buy the game for $50. Is there any difference with purchase of $35 ?

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is there a way my saves would be on 1.14?

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I want to open cg in gallery 18, 19 pages

In gallery 18, 19 page  i can not open yet?? 

If it does.... i wait next update

And i ask that  hisami route is only bad ending???  No good ending???

All those pages are accessible. But they're not for the endings. You need to figure that out by playing the game~ 

I can't save the game at all.Keep getting an error saying no valid save locations available? Playing on a Mac 

Can we ask you to submit this as a ticket in https://herculion.zendesk.com/hc/en-us? We want to know more details, and preferably screenshots.

I´m still having trouble playing the game, even with 1.13 version. It freezes constantly and sometime crashes.

well,I've updated to the version 1.13,except Hisami route ,there's some fault in gallery,page 4 the first CG,that should be having sex with Rald,but when it was open ,it changes to be the pre one ——rubbing together not the fucked CG


Just a small suggestion regarding to the update releases, could publisher/ developer have a discussion of having only once or twice a week to deploy new updates releases? Frequent updates (which is currently per day basis) that need users to re-download the full version (~1.7GB) might actually degrade user-experience of the game, and might spoil the feeling of playing it due to the waiting time and data usages wasted. A minor pack which only includes new updates that requires user to overwrite the files manually might be also a alternative solution if still insist to have new updates everyday (But I know that actually couldn't make it due to the archive files which bind all things together in Renpy right?). But I guess players are fine to wait for few days to let the developers have time to release a smoother version so that we all can get higher excitement right? (ತ◞౪◟ತ‵)

Thanks again for making the game (*´ω`*)

Rald sai kou (ತ◞౪◟ತ‵)(ತ◞౪◟ತ‵)

Man, is a good idea, but I just want the animated CGs and the after ends... Play the game now incomplete and full of bugs like he is, is just a waist for time, because when the after ends and the animated CGs came, the people will have to play all over again.


If you use the itch.io app then you only have to download patches to update the game. These only tend to be a couple megabytes from what I see. Of course if new content is added to the game then the patches would be much larger. Hope that helps.

Is anybody else having trouble with lenga's route? For some reason, he never shows up at the book store more than twice, which does not allow me to progress his relationship

He changes locations to somewhere else after that. You need to search for him elsewhere.

How can I open the secret route in game?

I have tried all of the route, but it didn't work.

I think there should be some hints to guild for the secret route

For the secret route, you have to start a new game after completing the game once. Like literally start a new game. I made a save where you have to select a guy for the first time and load from there, but that isn't it. When you start a new game, the little elephant tell you that you have unlocked it and you see an extra scene before the game starts. 

I also did that, but you know nothing happened.  I did the same thing many and many times.