STEAM Release Update

Hello. everyone!

Some good news! We finally managed to get the okay from STEAM. We'd like to announce that the planned release date for the STEAM version will be on Monday, March 16th 0:00 PST! Along with that release, we'll have the following things of note to address.

After Stories Introduced

Starting that day, and STEAM builds will have the After Stories as additional content. So look forward to those bonuses on that day.

Change in Price & Introductory Sale

On the day of release, we will be setting the default price on all storefronts to $39.99. We will also start the release with a SALE for those interested in buying it on STEAM for the first time, just like how we started on The SALE will be at 12% of the original price, matching closely to the price we had on

In other words, if you don’t buy the game in before the announced time, you’ll still be able to get it in Steam for the same price in the following few days. This is a good chance for you to buy the game at its introductory price if you miss the release discount in

Owners on are eligible for a copy upon request, please see guidelines below under STEAM Copy Eligibility for details.

MAC version will not yet be available

Due to the nature of MAC builds on STEAM, we still need time to set it up. The programmer has been having problems getting enrolled in Apple's Developer Program for the build notarization process, which is required for Steam release of games compatible with MacOS since last year.

STEAM Copy Eligibility

Certain people can also avail of a free copy of STEAM, and these are the following conditions:

  •  You were a kickstarter backer which paid at least the $25.00 minimum for the game.
  • OR, if you've bought the game here at before that release. 

Additional Notes:

  1. People who bought the game on after the above time (03/16 0:00PST) are not eligible for a copy on STEAM.
  2. If you have already claimed a copy, you will be marked by us as claimed. You can only claim once.
  3. Buying on STEAM does NOT qualify you a copy on

How do you avail of these copies? 

  1. For all of the above qualified, we'll be sending keys on request. 
  2. Make sure to include your email that you used to pay for your game (in Kickstarter/ so we can verify your purchase. 
  3. If you changed your email recently and asked it to be changed, and we replied that we've changed it, please give us the updated email.
  4. To avail of these copies, please message us on :
    And specify the title as [STEAM RELEASE]. Don't forget to include the above email to help identify you faster!

Looking forward to the release! We'll keep testing and looking for bugs meanwhile, while we await that time!

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There are no keys available at this time, try again later.

I have try many time. How can I get the keys.

I sent an email. Nothing (not even the msg "You may request now, but we won't be sending them until the day itself"). I just got an email saying it out on steam (wishlisted it). Clicked to download in the page and saw the steam key button, Logged into steam, Get the msg "There are no keys available at this time, try again later". I mostly want it on steam so A) I don't have to download 1.79GB each update and B) Achievements. 

I'll try over the next few days and hope I get a key (and yes I picked it up the day it was out on

That option with the Steam key button should not work. We were testing if it would be possible to hand them out like that, but it wasn't, since we can't limit it to people who bought it before a certain date. We will be replying to the sent e-mails, just mind that we have few people in our team for a few thousand requests and it might take a bit.

Deleted 1 year ago

Where do I go to make a request?

(1 edit)

I request steam key on Friday morning (9:00) but I did’t send anything when I can get steam key???

Is it available on Steam yet?

Deleted 1 year ago

i found the sprites folder in game folder and saw that oki and okan have a sprite that are them wearing black underwear, but i don't know how to see those sprite in the game although I have played Oki and Okan route again and again.

Can we request the STEAM keys now or do we have to wait until March 16th to be able to request the STEAM keys?


I'd say before March 16th. I'm going to risk looking dumb and ask for it now and wait to get told yes or later.

You may request now, but we won't be sending them until the day itself

After ends as additional content? It won't be on the game? And where is the animated CGs? Is already on the game or are you planning to put next week? Because we waited 3 years for the game and now more 3 years for the animated CGs? 

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Additional content in the sense that it'll be added to the game through a patch. You won't need to pay extra for it. The animated CGs are coming in the After Stories themselves.

So 12% of the original price would be $4.20, right? Or 12% off the original price.

(1 edit)

Hello, it's 12% out of $40, so a $4.80 discount, which means the Steam price will be $35.20, very close to's original $35, for the first few weeks. Unfortunately Steam doesn't let us to set arbitrary discounts as far as absolute price goes, so we can't set the discount so that the actual price is $35, we can only set whole percentages (such as 10%, 15%, etc), so it was the closest we could get to.

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If I bought the game here and had progress, will I see or be able to restore it in the Steam version If I get a copy?

The animation scene will apply on after story content ????

Deleted 1 year ago

So you mean itch version is

1.15 update???