Steam Release!

It's finally happened! The game is now out of STEAM.

It took quite a bit of effort but it's finally available.

You may get the game here: 

Make sure to update your game here on as well for any bugs we may have fixed!

Updating your game:

Future Content

This is not the end for Full Service, and is in fact just the beginning. We'll be working on the following updates in the future, so please look forward to it! These are especially for those who want to experience more of the game!

Mac Release. While we have released a MacOS version before, STEAM has certain guidelines we must follow. So please look forward to it once we get that sorted out.
Android Release. This game will also be available for Android devices, but will need further testing.
Other Merchandise. We are planning to release a few digital merchandise through the store front, so please look forward to it!

Certain Users are eligible for a free copy on STEAM

Certain people can also avail of a free copy of STEAM, and these are the following conditions:


We have a FAQ for getting your orders:

We have a FAQ for Technical Issues:

For any help needed or troubleshooting

As per usual, you may report any bugs or concerns you may have via:

Thank you for supporting us! At your service!


Full Service Windows + Linux 2 GB
Version 1.2 Mar 16, 2020
Full Service MAC 2 GB
Version 13 Mar 16, 2020

Get Full Service (NSFW Visual Novel)

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Good afternoon/morning/evening, I am a tad confused as to the pricing of the game. On steam it costs far less than on yet the cheaper one has animated CG's. Please can you explain to me what is going on, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

Hello, both versions have animated CGs. Please download the files from the main page of the project ( and not this one, as this was a particularly old update from before the animated CGs were introduced, in the case you bought it in Currently the Steam version and are exactly the same, up to the game code itself.

Thank you very much for your help!


Make it downloadable for Android please :)

I want to buy it for my smartphone )

So only the Steam release has the animated CGs? Or can we update the copy we already have?

Is there actually a way to go into the Schwarz Residence (besides the party), or is the location just there for storybuilding?

Hey there! I bought a Steam copy of the game and it's great, but my cursor gets laggy especially during the Work mini-game and even for just picking choices of dialogue or selecting stuff on the Main Menu. Is there anything I can do to fix it?


Will the game still be updated on here now that it's on Steam? I prefer not to use Steam because of the poor internet in my area

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Is the Steam-Version of the game different in any way (contentwise)?


Yes. Has animated CGs and after ends for all boys and less bugs

You mean the steam one that has animated CGs?

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NVM what I said before. I think the patch fixed it so the "old" Achievements (one I earned before steam) will be added as I play now. I just need to start a new game to get  'Finish Chapter 2 to 4'. 

if we already have the game here, can we get the steam version free? 


Only if you bought it before 0:00AM of March 16th.

thanks for the response! i definitely bought the game before then, i was a backer. can i ask for a steam key if i give you guys my email? sorry for all the questions.

Yes. Please read the article on our Zendesk.

Please make this game for Android System ! 😇


Can you make the update for the game available now?

We did not see the download button or icon for the update?

Hello! Is already out with all after ends without bugd and animated CGs or will be add in a patch later? In the steam the version is NSFW or it's censored?


Hello, Steam version is uncensored. We've fixed every bug that came to our knowledge, and you should be able to complete every scene in the game now without any crashes. There may still be some minor bugs that have escaped both our playtesting and the bug reports from other players, but no gamebreaking ones as far as we're aware.

As for animated CGs, each of the After Stories (7 in total, one for each character) has an animated CG sequence. All After Stories became available with the 1.2 update.

We will still be improving the game in the ways we can and fixing anything else that may pop up.

1.2 file can not be downloaded please check and fix it