Version 1.14 and Future Update Schedule

Hello Master~!

Update Schedule

We've received feedback regarding the frequency of updates, and have decided that after this one, we'll be spreading out updates. We only did the previous ones to address game breaking bugs, and now that it's more stable, we can proceed to apply new features and apply less critical bug fixes. We're looking into a weekly update once we can confirm that the build is more or less stable, and see how new features will affect the game.

In cases that you do encounter bugs, we'd like to remind you that you can always open a ticket in Zendesk if you have any question about your order, the game itself or if you find a bug and would like to report it for us to fix it in a next update.


Changelog v1.14

  • Fixed a minor bug where Kovit appeared in two locations during the week before the Costume event in Spa
  • Fixed a visual glitch when inviting certain characters to the Schwarz' Party that made their sprites disappear during the invitation event.
  • Tweaked the Minigame disable option: now it skips the phase change screen and also the city map, going directly from the morning to the end of the work.
  • Fixed some story inconsistencies and lines with missing sprites.
  • Fixed more CGs not appearing in the gallery (hopefully all should unlock now upon replaying the events).
  • Fixed a bug at the secret Bad Ending that was already supposed to be fixed but wasn't and which made the story continue after it was supposed to end, on top of not unlocking the CGs of that Bad Ending in the gallery.
  • Fixed CGs of the secret Perfect Ending not unlocking in the gallery.
  • Fixed a missing FX in Remi's Perfect End.
  • Added Minigame Instructions on an option along side "Yes" and "No" before playing the minigame.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

If you need help updating the game, consider the instructions here:


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i have page 14, the 6th and 10th cg missing...also page 15 2nd line of cgs missing... i played version 1.2.... anyone can help with that? thanks...


Page 14 6th CG is Sotas Bad Ending, 10th CG is Remis Bad Enging

Page 15 second Line: 1st (Last CG Kovits Good Ending), 2nd (Ralds Bad Ending), 3rd  & 4th (First & second CG Ralds Good Ending)

thanks, appreciated

Deleted 10 days ago

hmm i got this game 2days before your comment, the version ive got is 1.2~ not sure why you are playing 1.12~

Does this game have scene replay?

Is there any guide?

Also, how do i unlock the Baker CG? I am at full relationship with Rald and have received the extra dialog with the Baker but nothing else happens. Is it only unlocked when you finish the game and play the route again?

There is no extra scene, you just unlock the art in the gallery

How do you get the cg photos for the bottom two on pg 18 and where do you get all the cgs for pg 19? is that the cgs that havent been inputed in the game yet? thanks!


The last 2 of page 18 and the entire page 19 are the cgs we are currently missing apparently, we just need to wait for an update

Thanks! I hope the next update comes soon!

Hopefully Rald's after story gets fixed :

sota remi rald after story got error

So i just played focusing on only Rald, after the Hisami incident, Tomoki went on searching for everybody, i choose the university, then a ending the little boy came up and then a Hisami story, then everything came back to day 1. Is it really over? I really want to see what happened with Rald and Tomoki.

If you want to see what happen with Tomoki e Rald you need to go the bank, after the incident

Where is the weekly update? And the rest of the game?

I tried to get the last cg in page 10 and the first cg in page 11 and last two cgs in page 18 and all cgs in page 19 and cg of hunter(guy on the main street and sell perfume and watch etc) but I cannot get it.

Does anyone know how I can get those cgs???.?

last cg on page 10 and first cg on page 11: You need to have a good relationship with both Oki and Okan before the beach event starts as this triggers the option to choose to look for both of them.

Hunter: After reaching the maximum affection of Kovit by visiting him in the hospital, you'll be able to talk to him and thus get the cg of him

I appreciate yout detailed explanation.

Can some please link me a guide?

Walkthrough (not tested):

My Guide (were the guys are. How to unlock NPC CG's):


I can forgive the bugs and staggered features, lord knows making a game like this is not easy and there's no way to please everyone with a huge kickstarter like this. But lord almighty how did the English voice acting get through beta testing? The levels are completely off! Most characters are way, way too quiet to hear at all in normal game play. The only way to hear some of them at all is to mute all other sounds and jack my computers master volume all the way up, and that's with noise cancelling headphones on! Listening to Legna and Okans end scenes is pretty much impossible with the english voice acting because even at max volume they're barely audible, but then other characters in the scenes can be loud enough to cause me physical pain at times. Even when the differences in volume aren't as extreme the vast differences in sound quality makes it really hard to enjoy. Lenga, Okan, Hisami, Thara, and Tomoki's actors are all muffled and far away sounding in important pieces of dialogue, when you can hear them at all. The Japanese voice acting is fine, so far as the levels and overall consistency of quality goes, so I can only assume this must be down to how the english casting was outsourced? But surely even with English as a second language they could have noticed the problems with levels and sound quality and requested better reads. The problems are bad enough that the english dub is practically unplayable and that is simply not acceptable in a game of this budget.


Has anyone had any luck unlocking John's (guy at hospital) cg?


I did it while doing Kovit's route, after the s*x scenes with him in the hospital I returned the next day and talked to John a couple of times. I have problem with the green haired doctor, Dr Ken


Was this on the recent version 1.14? You focused only on Kovit? I've also tried this method an hour ago but it doesn't seem to work, there might have been another trigger somewhere


Unfortunately it was on the first build of the game but yes, I focused only on Kovit. I tried it now on the the 1.14 build and it works for me, I also remember talking to him at every occasion I got since the hospital became available because I was curious of what he was going to tell me, maybe it was that! Did you perhaps unlocked Dr. Ken?

Finally got it. Thanks! Yup the trigger was to always talk to him.

I don't think there's any cg for Dr. Ken (though I think he'd be the top if there were, seeing how John commented on Dr. Ken's strength)

glad to be able to help! And yes I've come to the conclusion that Dr Ken doesn't have a cg, that's fine 



I CAN't have any correct scene,they don't do anything....?WHY?I TRY IT A LOT OF TIME

Choose one guy at the beginning and stick with him, gift him everyday if possible (Rald likes the perfume, Kovit likes the watch, Sota likes the wallet and Remi likes the designer shirt), go out on dates everytime and search for them in different places if you can't find them in their usual spot, always pick the one at the spa and always give the most polite and kind answer, they all like when Tomoki show interest in them and what they do. This would unlock almost everything in my experience (apart fromy the bad end for the guy obviously)

I've heard that there are 3-Some scenes. I've finished the game but didn't get them. How do you unlock them?


The only real 3some scenes in the game are from the twins, if you want to unlock some bonus cgs with the first 4 boys you need to get a good ending with all of them and the cgs will be unlocked but not shown, they will be in the gallery

Is Rald not showing up for anyone else? I'd reached a red heart with him but after the first two weeks he never showed up at the bank again. How do I unlock the Mansion? I missed out on some scenes because I couldn't find him.

Have you met him at the café? At certain points during his route he moves there. I usually search everywhere to make sure if I can't find a boy at their usual spot

Thanks, I'll try that! When I played through Kovit's route he could only be found on the street or at the spa, so I thought it would be the same. Do I need to unlock the mansion at all?

No you don't, as far as I know the mansion will be available only during the party event and will never be available to explore (which is a bummer because I hoped we could get on with Senior Schwartz)

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